Business Networking
will never be the same
The first app that allows you to rapidly and safely exchange your personal information through a digital business card.

Available on iOS and Android

How it Works
The exchange and conservation of a business card has never been easier.
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Create your business card: enter your personal data and contact details and personalize it by picking the color, font and layout that you prefer. You will be able to create as many cards as you want.

Share your Card

Rapidly and safely exchange your card with our in app bluetooth method. If the Recipient is not yet a Visitas user you can easily share your card through E-mail, WhatsApp, SMS, Link or QR Code.

Manage your Network

All the cards you receive will automatically be saved in your contact book and the app will trace for you time and location of every exchange. In the contact book you will also be able to add notes. If one of your contact changes any of their details you will be notified and the card will be automatically updated.

Import a Business Card
Direct Exchange
Easily share your business card through the app by using the exchange method that you prefer: Bluetooth, Email, Whatsapp, SMS, Link
Acquire a paper Business Card by using the in app scanner.
All the scanned data will be automatically turned into a digital business card and stored in the contact book.
Manual acquisition
If you want to acquire the contact of a person that doesn’t have the app nor a paper business card you will be able to do it by manually entering all the information that will be turned into a digital business card and will it be saved in the contact book.
Created to support your
Company at all times.
Take care of your Business in every single possible way.
  • Supply all of your employees with a digital business card.
  • Track and Manage each interaction.
  • Get real time insights and statistics on the company’s Network.
Discover the advantages
for your company
The exchange and conservation of a business card has never been easier, you will always be ready to start growing your network.
You can conveniently exchange business cards remotely, in a totally contactless way.
Don’t waste anymore paper, start thinking eco friendly. Make this small step and start taking care of the planet.Get rid of all those paper business cards taking up space in your wallet.
Always up to date
With Visitas just enter the new data on your profile, and people will instantly be notified with the updated information.
Always with you
Visitas will immediately save all the cards that you receive, allowing you to always be in posses of your contacts and to never miss a chance again.
100% Deductibility
Whether you are a freelancer or the CEO of a company, in addition to saving money on printed business cards, you will also be able to reduce your taxes. Visitas is 100% deductible.
A tool to monitor the growth of your network
The Dashboard is the control panel of your Visitas Business service, with limited access to only selected figures.
From the Dashboard you will be able to provide to all of your employees a digital business card and track every detail of each interaction. Each data tracked will be always available and it can also be exported in CSV format.
Synced Contacts
All contacts exchanged by your employees are automatically saved in the corporate network. In addition to the information relating to the acquired contact, you can also see who of your employee acquired the contact.
The statistics will give you a more detailed information about: incoming and outgoing interactions, employees who make more exchanges and the geographical breakdown of the network and contacts.
  • Unlimited Business Cards
  • 3 Monthly scans
  • Basic card editor
  • 2 Monthly manual imports
0€ /month
  • Unlimited Business Cards
  • Unlimited scans
  • Advanced card customization
  • Unlimited manual imports
  • Sharing contacts acquired
  • 100% Deductibility
5,99€ /month
first month free
  • Premium App for all the employees enrolled
  • Advanced Business Card Editor
  • Unlimited scans
  • Dashboard
  • Statistics
  • Unlimited manual imports
  • 100% Deductibility
4,99€ /month + VAT
per active user
billed annually
first month free
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